We bring our complete Headshot Studio to your office.

I’ve worked with all types of business from CEO’s to Law firms.  I know your time is precious and work to give you the best corporate headshots quickly and comfortably.  I get to know your business and make suggestions on the best way to capture your company’s unique image for your branding. I go over wardrobe suggestions and help you look your best for your headshots. I know how uncomfortable some people are about getting their photos taken. I work with each person to make then feel comfortable and guide them through the headshot process. I bring all lighting and background equipment. I can also shoot on location or whatever you need for your business portrait. If everyone in your office needs a new photo we offer group rates.


How it works

It starts with a free photography consultation
Before your shoot, we will discuss your goals for the look and feel of your images. If you have any questions about how the photography process works, I will answer them.  After we have set a vision, we will create a schedule and plan for your photo shoot.

Travel and Setup
I travel to you, saving you time and productivity.  I bring around $120K of photography equipment, ready for everything we discussed in our consultation. I arrive early to set up and make sure I’m perfectly prepared for a successful shoot.

One-on-one Sessions
I coach each person on posing and expression, capturing a wide variety of angles and images.
This is where the magic happens!  It’s my job to make people look good, while creating a collaborative and enjoyable environment.Everything technical has been taken care of before the session. Once we’ve begun, the session is 100% about people skills + directing.

Live Digital Review
As I take pictures, they pop up on a large screen for each person to review their pictures as we go. There’s no guessing involved! I collaborate with each person to make sure we are getting the images they want.  My sessions are very interactive, and I care deeply that people are satisfied.

Toning and Processing
After the shoot, your photos will be enhanced for color, contrast, exposure, and sharpness to ensure technical excellence.
This process is the modern “digital darkroom” where I develop your photos to look their absolute best.

Retouching and Editing
All final headshots receive high quality retouching and editing. Retouching includes subtle enhancements for skin, hair, eyes, and teeth. Editing can include anything you want – no request too large or small.

Secure Delivery and Archival
Your final photos are delivered high-resolution and archived via a cloud-based storage solution. If you ever have questions about cropping, file management, or photo usage, you can contact me for help.

Custom Packages
Have something else in mind? If you’d like to discuss pricing for anything in addition to, less than, or different from the headshot sessions listed above, please contact Tim below. He would be happy to speak with you about putting together a session that meets both your needs and budget.

Pricing Overview

I always do my best to work within a client’s budget, and I reward long-term clients with discounted pricing.  Every project receives a customized quote that is influenced by the scope of photography required.

In general, The minimum charge for shooting headshots on location is HKD $6,000. For this charge we can photograph as many as 5 people. After 5, there is an additional charge of $400 per person added to the minimum charge. Each employee gets a 10-15 minute headshot session and one retouched photo. We also offer half day and full day rates for larger numbers of people at better rates.

-Includes coaching on posing and expression, capturing a wide variety of angles and images
-Light blemish retouching and processing for optimal color and clarity is also included.

-Additional photos can be retouched for $200 each.

  • New joiners or others that missed the headshot session at your office can get their headshot done at my Sheung Wan studio for a discounted price.
  • Need some Corporate Lifestyle Photography for websites, marketing and annual reports? We can combine corporate headshots and corporate lifestyle photography in a half, full day, or multiple day shoot.

Other Services

Studio Headshots

Perfect for individuals or small groups in our centrally located studio

People at Work

Corporate lifestyle photography for websites, marketing and annual reports
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